How do I get the tree onto my car?
Our elves are experienced and trained in loading trees into or onto your vehicle. Tie down string is provided , it is a good idea to bring a plastic bag to protect your vehicle from possible scratches from the tree if we tie it to the top of your vehicle 

Do you deliver?
We deliver the tree to your desired location, we will carry the tree into the house and place it in the room of your choice, we will place plastic on the floor before standing your tree up, we will turn the best face forward for you and even give the tree its first drink of water in your house. I am sorry but our insurance does not allow us to move furniture

Do you provide assistance with tree selection?
All of our elves are trained in tree varieties and will assist you in your selection and loading of your tree

When is the best day of the week to buy a Christmas tree?
Mondays  through Thursdays are the days when we are least busy and therefore can provide you with the best customer service, also our deliveries of fresh trees are only scheduled for these days

Will you help me to set up the tree and do you provide stands?
We use Cinco brand stands here at Anthonys and are available at an additional cost

Can I whittle down the trunk of my tree to fit my stand?
Think of the trunk of your tree as a straw, if you whittle down the trunk then it cannot drink water


What do I need to take care of my tree?
Anthony’s offers a water additive that is recognized throughout the industry as helping to prolong needle retention

Do you help to maintain the tree during the holiday season?
Once your tree is set up and watered, you’ll need to check the water level in your stand for the entire holiday season. We’re happy to remove your tree and clean up the area for a fee, but we don’t return to help maintain your tree after the initial setup.

Do you pick up the tree after the holiday season?
We do offer a removal service that will come to your house and remove the tree from you business or residence and dispose of the tree


Do you provide anything other than trees? Stands, Garland, Wreaths, Lights?
We do offer wreaths, garlands, centerpieces pinecones swags, boughs, lights mistletoe, and much more. Wreaths and garlands are available for pre-order, and everything else can be purchased when you visit our tree lot.

Do you have flocked trees?
We flock on-site and can custom flock wreaths and boughs too

Does Anthony’s help me decorate my new tree?
Decorating your tree is completely up to you. We recommend, one part tinsel, two parts ornaments, and ten parts holiday cheer!


Where do trees come from?
Their mother 🙂


How can I reserve a tree for the holidays?
You can pre-order your tree right here on this website.

Is there a pre-order deadline?
The 2019 deadline for pre-ordering is November 5th.

Do I need to pay when I pre-order?
You do not pay for the tree when preordering. We’ll accept payment when the tree is picked up from our lot or delivered to your location.

How do I know what size tree?
Measure the placement where you intend to place your tree and then subtract 6 inches to allow for the tree topper.

General Tree Care Tips

  • Place tree away from heaters, heater vents and fireplaces, keep the temperature as low as possible in the room that you display your tree in.If placing the tree in front of a south facing window, keep the curtains drawn.
  • Place plastic sheeting (plastic garbage bag will do) on floor where tree will be placed.
  • Always carry the tree with the butt leading, holding the tree with the trunk or large lower branches. Do not carry the tree from the extreme tip top as this may break the tip. 
  • If you are transporting your tree home on the top of your vehicle, make sure that the butt of the tree is toward the front of the vehicle at the windshield and the top is at the rear bumper. 
  • Do not carry the tree using the stand as this can loosen the stand.
  • To re-position your Christmas Tree, use the bottom branches at the base of the tree to gently tug the tree into position.
  • If your tree needs to be straightened, it would be easier for two people to do this, loosen the stand screws that are in the direction that the tree needs to move to, then tighten the opposite screws while the second person holds the tree in place, then make sure all screws are tightened. 
  • Place WATER in stand as soon as possible. Check water level often.  
  • Install a tree watering tube. They are a low cost item available for sale at most tree lots. A watering tube allows you to add water without removing the tree skirt and some models have a “dipstick” that allows you to check the water level without getting under the tree.
  • Make sure that all electrical light cords are in good condition. Do not overload electrical circuits.
  • Avoid using the larger type Christmas lights (the ones your grandparents used) on your Christmas tree. Mini LED’s stay the coolest.
  • Lights should be turned off when you leave your residence. Avoid using candles on trees.
  • Enjoy your Christmas Tree – it was especially planted for your enjoyment. It provided oxygen while it was growing and will serve as a soil conditioner if you have it RECYCLED after Christmas.
  • While enjoying your tree, have eggnog (brandy added of course) in hand and sing Christmas carols heartily.

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