Our History

Anthony’s Christmas Trees has been selling Christmas trees and related products since 1954.

Anthony's Christmas Tree Lot
The tree lot at Milpas and Yanonali in the late 1980’s

For at least 50 years, Anthony’s Christmas Trees main lot was at the corner of Milpas and Yanonali Streets. In the yard of this house, the same house that the Doctors went to to deliver Anthony into the world at, that many many trees were sold and Anthony became synonymous with Santa Barbara and Christmas trees.

Eventually the little tree lot on the corner became too small to accommodate tree displaying and customer parking. Since we already had a satellite lot at the Earl Warren Showgrounds that had both ample display space and abundance of parking, it certainly made sense to consolidate at the Showgrounds.

Anthony’s has always been a family business, at the lot on Milpas street, some of you may remember the door up the three steps and the little window that you had to lean over to peer inside of and say hello to Anthony’s wife Maria.

If we were open, Maria was always behind that little window, if she wasn’t actually cashiering then she was tying bows, she still, to this day, ties the most beautiful hand tied bows you have ever seen.

Michael and Christine Dal Bello standing in front of the trees when they were little.
Michael & Christine Dal Bello at the tree lot in the early 70’s

Anthony and Maria’s two children, Michael and Christine were raised at that tree lot and learned to help out from the time they learned to walk, Michael still stops by the tree lot every year, to lend a hand and just enjoy another holiday season upon us.

If your last name or maiden name is Dal Bello, Brunello, Tonello, Pivato or Zilliotto, or if you are any part of Ed’s extended family, then somewhere along the way you have logged hours at Anthony’s Christmas trees.

Like Michael and Christine, Eddie and Ellie, my two children also learned to help at a very young age. Some of you may remember the house down the street from the Milpas lot where the semi trucks delivered the Christmas trees to. Eddie and Ellie grew up there and learned to crawl and climb on those stacks of Christmas trees waiting to be sold.

I am sure some of you remember Eddie delivering your tree to your house last year, as that job cannot be trusted to just anyone.

I am also quite sure that most of Anthony’s customers know Ellie, few can mistake the young girl carrying trees out as if they weigh nothing while waiting on 3 other customers at the same time, all this with a smile on her pretty face.

Anthony and Maria of Anthony's Christmas Trees
Anthony and Maria Started Anthony’s Christmas Trees in 1954
(Photo courtesy of Noozhawk.com)

To have Anthony’s grandchildren helping the grand kids of the same customers that Anthony himself once helped is what makes us a family tradition. 

Anthony’s motto is “A family tradition since 1954”, he wasn’t just talking about your family tradition, he was also talking about his family tradition and now Anthony has allowed me to “continue a family tradition since 1954” from my family to yours.

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Continuing Tradition

We continue the spirit and tradition of Anthony’s Christmas Trees by providing the same great service that Anthony’s clients have come to expect. We strive to provide a unique family experience that creates memories that last a lifetime.

Anthony’s motto was “A family tradition since 1954”, he wasn’t just talking about your family tradition, he was also talking about his family tradition and now Anthony has allowed us to “continue a family tradition since 1954” from my family to yours.

We thank our friends and sponsors for their unwavering support.

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